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What are common repairs for a tractor trailer?

Whether you are driving a sedan, a moving van, or a semi-truck, there are always commonly occurring problems that a driver can keep a look-out for when driving. These help prevent accidents that stem from these common problems and help maintain safety on the road. Drivers who are more knowledgeable and put that knowledge to work when operating a vehicle are always in a safer position than those who do not.

Semi-trucks have many of the same common problems that require common repairs that other vehicles have. Knowing what these common problems and repairs are can keep the rig’s driver safe on the road, keep others who are on the road safe as well, and make sure that the delivery gets to the targeted location in a timely manner.

The most common repair on a semi-truck—whether on the road or in a shop—are on the tires. The reason for this is pretty obvious: lugging around numerous tons of goods a year necessarily wears down the integrity of the tire, causing it to go flat or blow on the road. It is always a great idea to be able to know what to look for when checking the integrity of the tires and how to change them on your own. Both of these will keep you safe on the road and get you back on it sooner if a tire does blow.

The second most common repair on a semi-truck is on the brakes. Again, the reasons for this are obvious, as the greater weight in the trailer requires more pressure on the brakes to bring the rig to a stop. This pressure wears down the various components of the braking system. At the same time, many drivers forget that time is needed when starting up the truck for the air to travel back to the rear brakes: the more this occurs, the quicker the brakes break down.

Finally, the third most common repair is on the lights of the rig. Just like with every other type of vehicle—and life in general—light bulbs burn out. When this occurs, the light needs to be replaced to make sure that safety is maintained on the road.

All of these repairs—save for some of the components of the braking system—can be done by the driver themselves. However, many trucking companies are also members of repair companies that can help the driver out when a breakdown does occur, so it may be a good idea to call one in.

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