Tractor engine repair

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Tractors seize up sometimes, it’s a fact of life. It’s most common when contractor has been laying around for a while. Maybe you’ve been taking time away from your farm in Columbia City Indiana, or you just bought a farm with a track sitting on it. If this is the case you should be able to… Read more »

What is the Lightest Semi Truck on the Market

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As oil prices continue to be over two dollars, many trucking companies continue to look for alternative means to ship goods while saving money. Some have turned to engines that have longer mileage, while others have changed the shipping locations they will ship to in order to save money. At the same time, some companies… Read more »

Semi-Truck Repair Tips

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Driving semi-trucks can be a difficult job. Fixing a semi-truck can also be difficult. Yet it doesn’t have to be difficult on you or your pocketbook. Here are some tips for fixing your own rig. Get A Roadside Kit First, invest in your own roadside tool kit that can help you make emergency maintenance when… Read more »

Things You Never Knew About Semi-Trucks

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Knowing your semi-truck and understanding it enough to drive it, repair it, and get the product there in time is a worthwhile pursuit. Yet there is so much that even the common truck driver doesn’t know. Here are some little known facts about semi-trucks, particularly about the engine driving the truck. Before we get to… Read more »

How does Suspension on Semi- Trucks Work

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Suspension is one of the great things that your vehicle has to get your down the road not only quickly but makes it able to take any bumps along the way. Suspension determines how your car reacts to all those bumps and road debris. Want to feel like you are floating on air? Read on!… Read more »