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Suspension is one of the great things that your vehicle has to get your down the road not only quickly but makes it able to take any bumps along the way. Suspension determines how your car reacts to all those bumps and road debris. Want to feel like you are floating on air? Read on! Semi-trucks have a different type of suspension from normal cars. They use an air suspension system. Ever climbed under your car and seen those coils near the wheels? Those are the springs. Semi-trucks don’t have those type of springs. Instead, they use air springs and bags. When you hear the term air bags, it’s not the type of airbag that you may be thinking of. Semi-trucks use a tough rubber bag that fills with air. This is set up to a certain amount of pressure to compensate for no springs. The system uses an air compressor to keep the bags filled to the right capacity. The bag even comes in three different shapes: a rolling sleeve, tapered sleeve and double-convoluted. Each of these three different types of shapes offer unique benefits, allowing the technician to install the bag best suited to the needs of the driver.

We mentioned that the bags are filled by the compressor. What’s cool about the system is that sensors tell the compressor how much air to keep in the bags at any time. Because air bags lose air over time this is important so they always perform as intended. Also, the compressor can be used manually by the driver to adjust a variety of things, including ride height.

Some larger motorhomes also use air suspension. This allows the driver to have a smoother ride and more control, which are two of the main benefits on having air suspension on a semi-truck as well. The compressor also filters out any moisture that is in the air to keep the air lines clean. Some newer or different applications for an air suspension is when you see an air suspension kit installed on a regular car. This is how they make the car go up and down for special effects. Some pickup trucks also use it to keep the suspension in play when the truck be is loaded down with weight.

Semi-Truck Repair in Columbia City, IN from Rosencran’s Truck Repair

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