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Driving semi-trucks can be a difficult job. Fixing a semi-truck can also be difficult. Yet it doesn’t have to be difficult on you or your pocketbook. Here are some tips for fixing your own rig.

Get A Roadside Kit

First, invest in your own roadside tool kit that can help you make emergency maintenance when on the road. Using your own tools on the road can help you fix anything from broken headlights to installing a grommet on the trailer. Your rig will usually come with an owner’s manual—just as every other vehicle does—that can be turned to to help you with these tasks.

Safety Tools

Before moving on to another tip to fix your truck, some safety tips are needed when wanting to make repairs on the road. First, when you buy your tools, invest in roadside flares or reflectors. This ensures that vehicles will see you—even if you have to make the repairs at night—and can be a signal to police vehicles and highway repair crews to provide aid. Second, make sure your truck is well away from traffic. While some roads do not have a broad shoulder to pull over on to, simply pulling your truck into a rest station or parking lot can increase your safety and possibly save lives.

Education is Key

Another tip to fixing your own rig is to stay educated on your truck. Know which fixes can be done by you on the side of the road, which fixes can be saved for later, and which need you to call your headquarters and get a tow. Oftentimes, problems that may seem to have simple fixes are simply covering up more measurable problems. The more you know the problem signs, the less time you will waste on the side of the road, and the less time you waste, the more money you will make.

Inspections Are a Must

A third and final tip is to simply inspect your truck on a regular basis. Spot problems before they become road-side issues. For those problems that need a fix before going on the road, seek help in getting it fixed so that it is up and running in a quicker time period. Getting help before a problem starts will result in you saving money in the long run, even if you do have to spend now.

Just like working on your own vehicle, working on and fixing a semi-truck has many advantages, namely the satisfaction of being self-sustaining. Yet, when you need help, don’t become prideful. Fix what you can, and have those with more resources do the rest! Come on in to Rosencran’s Truck and Auto Repair for the next time your semi needs a little love.

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