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As oil prices continue to be over two dollars, many trucking companies continue to look for alternative means to ship goods while saving money. Some have turned to engines that have longer mileage, while others have changed the shipping locations they will ship to in order to save money.

At the same time, some companies and drivers have begun to search for a replacement to their truck to find lighter semi-trucks. So what are some good options when looking for lighter semi-trucks?

One option that some companies and drivers are turning to is the Peterbilt Model 365. Usually used as a concrete mixer, some companies have begun converting the engine to accommodate heavier loads. The truck weighs between 14,400 and 14,500 pounds, which can equate to a 1,000+ pound cut. This amount of weight equates to money saved.

While there are other trucks that are light, most companies are instead opting to take their current trucks, replace key parts, and make the rig lighter. For many, this is a better plan than buying completely new trucks.

The first option companies and drivers are turning to is the engine itself. If you are looking to buy a lighter model, simply consider what kind of environment you are driving on. If the roads you generally take do not need a lot of torque or horsepower you can make alterations to your current engine or buy a new one. These newer ones are medium-range engines that run on 11 or 12 liters rather than the standard 14 or 15. You can also gear it down to a 9 or 10 transmission than a 13 or 18 as well.

Another option is to switch from steel to aluminum parts. This is particularly beneficial if the steel crossmembers are replaced with aluminum because replacing the truck’s frame with aluminum doesn’t do enough to justify the costs. Replacing those crossmembers can save you around 10 pounds for each crossmember.

A third option to make the truck lighter is to switch the tires to wide-based single tires with aluminum wheels. For the amount of wheels, this can eliminate between 500 and 1000 pounds on the truck. The only downside is that switching to these types of wheels can add more time to the drive time—a prime reason that many are choosing not to switch.

In this way, some people can buy lighter trucks but others are instead opting to switch key components to make their current rigs lighter. Just remember to make sure the truck is still safe and up to regulation!

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